Jus Koffie delivers speciality coffee to cafes, coffee vans, restaurants, bars and delis throughout Australia. If you too our passionate about coffee and you want to stand out from the everyday, then try our premium blend and discover what an awesome coffee experience should be.

Jus Koffie has been presented with three industry medals in 2012 and 2013.  Awarded a silver medal at the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA).  A Gold medal at the Royal Sydney Fine Food Awards (RSFFA) earlier in 2013, and a bronze medal at the 2012 RSFFA.  It’s humbling to be critiqued and benchmarked by industry experts.

We have a great deal of experience in the café industry, especially in the mobile café area and enjoy spreading the love and passion for great coffees. At Jus Koffie we have always concentrated on sourcing and roasting beautiful coffee, and we feel that the best way to spread our passion is in cooperation with quality focused café and coffee house owners, and specialty food retailers. Together, we can share the passion for a great tasting coffee.

Premium Blend – Our Multi awarded blend

It is a well-balanced medium to dark roasted blend that exhibits subtle earthy tones and fruity overtones.  This blend was developed as an ‘all day’ style coffee; delicately balanced with good vibrancy, it’s medium body and light to medium acidity helps make this an ideal coffee for all occasions.

Jus Koffie brings to the table coffees from all over the world, including Organic coffee, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Swiss Water Process coffee. We don’t believe we need to dazzle our customers with an extensive list of good coffee; rather strive to bring you a limited exceptional blend and single origins that stand out from the crowd.  Like you, we are passionate about coffee!

Blends are carefully developed using the unique attributes of certain coffees and then individually roasting each of these coffee origins so that those fantastic attributes are enhanced and overwhelm the senses. By doing this we produce full bodied coffee that captures each area of the mouth. Balancing body, sweetness, acidity, and aromatics to produce a truly unique coffee experience.  Share the passion!