Mike Duce – Jus Koffe Founder

Jus Koffie was founded in the autumn of 2007. Initially to supply freshly roasted, premium quality to a small fleet of mobile café’s on the Fraser Coast owned and operated by Nicky and Mike Duce. It became very apparent that the boutique coffee market in this idyllic seaside community was thriving and customers where expecting a quality of product not always available at their local café or restaurant.

Mike was approached by a few small café’s on the Fraser Coast keen on providing their customers with a unique coffee experience. Soon, Jus Koffie was supplying its premium blend to café’s and mobile café’s on the Fraser Coast. Being a small business owner, Mike understands the importance of building strong business relationships. Jus Koffie is about offering a product and service suited to your small business. Our team works with you, the café owner, to develop and enhance the business you have worked so hard to grow. Our success is built on your success, so we are keen on seeing your business do well.